Implant Restoration

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What are Implant Restorations?

It may seem overwhelming, but the process is state-of-the-art. A restorative implant is a threaded screw that will be used to replace a missing or damaged tooth root. Your body will accept the new screw as your tooth’s root, after which, a crown will be placed on top of it. But it will be more than just your average crown, it will be a whole new tooth -root and all! They can be used for:

  •     Replacing one or more teeth without affecting the surrounding teeth
  •     Supporting a bridge without a removable partial denture
  •     Supporting dentures to fit more comfortably

Is Implant Restoration Right for Me?

If you have a damaged root or need major changes to your smile’s aesthetic, you could be ready for implant restoration.  

Use this checklist to find out if you are a good candidate:

  •     I have a generally healthy mouth and oral tissues
  •     I have one or more missing teeth
  •     I don't have health conditions that will affect bone healing
  •     I do not smoke
  •     I cannot or won’t wear dentures
  •     I would like to improve my speech
  •     I would like to improve my smile
  •     I can commit several months to this process

How Does Implant Restoration Work?

For the first part of the procedure, an implant is skillfully inserted while you are under anesthesia. After the procedure, you will need to eat soft foods and warm soup during the healing process. A process known as osseointegration will take place, the bone surrounding the implant will accept the implant (similar to when you break a bone, and it heals around the damaged part). This usually takes between 4-6 months. When the healing process is complete, we will then attach the crown to the implant just as you normally would have crown put in at the office.  

Why East Rochester Family Dentistry is the Best Place for Your Implant Restorations

When you decide to go with implant restorations you are embarking on a journey to better oral health. Make sure you choose the right practice that will help get you to the finish line. The team at East Rochester Family Dentistry will work with you to develop a treatment plan that meets your immediate needs and establishes preventative dental care to ensure your new smile will last a lifetime! Call us at 603-332-8868 if you have questions or would like to schedule an appointment.